Information Security Management

What is information security management (ism)?

Companies and organizations have values that make them successful in the market. These include physical values such as buildings and machines; this also includes the know-how that makes an organization strong and competitive..

This knowledge of markets, market participants, production techniques and products is an essential value for their success. We speak of the corporate value "information", which we protect with information security management.

Information is protected if it is available and correct at the right place, at the right time and in the right amount and is not disclosed to unauthorized persons (confidentiality).

These three questions offer approaches for
information security management in your organization.

Where in the company is there information that has a high corporate value and at the same time its availability, confidentiality and integrity are at risk?

Where in the company are there information security risks?

How do I protect information?


Development and introduction of your information security management system


Design of security policies and processes


Development of security concepts tailored to your risks


Procurement, integration, installation and configuration of components


project management


Training of system administrators


User training and awareness training


User training and awareness training & Hotline Support

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