Security Information and Event Management

Was ist Security Information and Event Manaement (SIEM)?

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a management solution that companies and organizations use to discover and ward off threats and attacks on their IT systems before damage can affect business or bring it to a standstill.

During operation, SIEM continuously and rule-based improves the standards for security, compliance and quality of the IT systems. Security information and event management provides management with valid key figures in relation to the security of information and data..

The increase in safety is just as measurable as current sales figures, market developments or the status within production.

Security Information and Event Management System shows the activities within the IT landscape and evaluates them according to attack criteria.

With the help of a SIEM, there is constant, automated log and event monitoring of the systems for security-related incidents.

The SIEM management solution prevents or reduces the damage that these security-related incidents can cause within the company.

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