Managed SIEM
(Das Cyber Defense Center)

What is managed SIEM?

Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is the cyber defense center for companies and organizations. You put the protection of information in the hands of our security analysts without having to invest in your own human resources and systems.

Our security analysts monitor the security of IT systems (8/5, 8/7 or 24/7) and analyze all security-related processes.

In a Cyber Defense Center we identify risks for IT systems with continuous monitoring. nexanto-consult security analysts identify and evaluate security incidents in real time and initiate countermeasures. With this preventive approach, companies and organizations receive the constant level of security that our specialists constantly automate and further develop during operation.

In interaction with the existing security architecture, the Cyber Defense Center offers high-performance protection for informtion.

Security monitoring (8/5, 8/7 or 24/7), Log and event analysis according to risk-oriented use cases, Permanent further development through professional use case management.

Professional incident management to eliminate security incidents
maximum investment security
Use of a SIEM system

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